About Us

Family. We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

The Pharmacy is a speakeasy bar where taste plays centerstage. You go here to be amazed by wonderful cocktails made right in front of your eyes.

Our bar is located right by the sea. You can hop in before your evening plans take place or close the night with us.

As seasons change, so does our menu. We try to innovate each time and create something new. The more special, the more we like it!

In short we aim to be the go to place for your first date, but also the 27th date. When will you join us?



Her favorite animal is an alpaca and you'll always please her with an Old Fashioned. She loves going out for dinner and discovering new drinks and foods.


The Pater Familias of the place. Jan started his own place called Ugly Duckling in Knokke.



Hannah started The Pharmacy but She passed the stick to her little sister. If you want to see what She’s upto you can follow her cocktail and consultancy adventures on hannahvanongevalle.com



A part of The Pharmily for over a year now. With a big smile he will guide you through our cocktailmenu and make them with all his love.

Perhaps you?

Fancy a job?

You can always mail us at info@the-pharmacy.be if you think you got what it takes.